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Exterior House Restoration 

Old houses show their age for all to see on the outside. If you have not done so recently, take a walk around the outside of your house. Are your old house’s

  • Brick and mortar crumbling?

  • Porches or decks bending, boards popping up, or rotting?

  • Patios or other paving cracking or crumbling?

  • Decorative wooden elements such as korbels rotting?

  • Ironwork rusting?

  • Paint fading and chipping?

  • Fascia board rotting?

In addition to these obvious exterior problems, old houses present with problems that are more difficult to observe. Are your older house’s

  • Windows or doors tightly sealed?

  • Storm windows and storm doors working well for you?

  • Basement foundations solid and water proof?

Determining how and where to begin exterior restoration can be complicated and confusing. Many home owners put off tackling restoration projects until it becomes a serious problem and then they fix one crisis only to have to move to the next.  To keep from becoming this home owner, have a contractor inspect the exterior of your house. Next, develop a priority list and time line for exterior house restoration must-dos. Areas that often have the most significant impact on the condition of your home and which should be in your priority list include:

  • If you live in areas with lots of snow, pay attention to areas on your roof and at the base of the house where snow accumulates. Conversely, if you live in area with heat extremes, check your roof or wood siding for buckling.

  • Fix basement foundations.

  • Repair crumbling brick and mortar and seal brick walls.

  • Restore or replace boards, posts, rails, on your porches and decks.

  • Paint or update your siding.

  • Replace windows and doors with weather proof components.

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